Designing the finest custom rings since 2012

We have made it our mission to keep up to date with the world wide jewellery industry to ensure our clients are receiving all that is on offer. We pride ourselves on quality service, ensuring each customer gains the education, support and guidance required to make that life changing purchase. However, most importantly we want this to feel like it is meant to, exciting!

We never refer to our spaces as jewellery stores, a store sounds as though everything comes straight off the shelf.  Rather, our spaces can be seen as a design studio where clients bring their own personality, story and inspiration to life, through jewellery design. We tool our clients with knowledge about precious metals, diamonds and coloured gems to allow them to create items which suit their needs and wants. Armed with the latest technologies, we turn client's sketches, photos or imaginations into 3D images, allowing a life like preview before the craftsmanship has even begun.

We believe that by using modern technology we can provide our clients with the highest customer service and ensure they create a ring that will be loved forever. This process can be used for any jewellery design and we welcome customers who already have their own precious stones.