Custom Jewellery Designs

Design Your Own Ring • Computer Aided Designs • 3D Modeling

A lifetimes expression of true love, our engagement ring collection has been designed to inspire and create a glimpes into your own unique love story. Allow our utmost precision and craftmanship to create a ring that truely represents your unity. 

To find out more about creating your own special piece of jewellery please read through our three step process. Although this guideline is aimed at designing an engagement ring, it can be applied to any jewellery make and can even including stones you provide yourself.

Then, when the CAD is perfect, our clients receive a rendered image which provides a 3D view of what the finished product will look like while the ring is being crafted.

We believe that by using modern technology we can provide our clients with the highest customer service and ensure they create a ring that will be loved forever. This process can be used for any jewellery design and we welcome customers who already have their own precious stones.