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To help you get started on your journey, we wanted to create a guide on how to create the perfect engagement ring that resonates with personal significance and style.

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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne & Canberra

Dive into the world of marquise diamond engagement rings, where each piece is a testament to the alluring charm and exquisite craftsmanship that define your deepest commitments. Crafted for those who dare to stand out, our marquise engagement rings are emblematic of our design expertise, melding exceptional quality with aesthetic brilliance. Whether set against the bustling backdrop of Melbourne or the calm, picturesque scenery of Canberra, our marquise engagement rings are poised to add a touch of elegance to your significant moments, ensuring they are remembered as nothing short of mesmerising.

Create Your Custom Marquise Engagement Ring

At Unique Diamonds, your love story is our inspiration. We invite you to co-create a custom marquise engagement ring that perfectly encapsulates your personal narrative and aesthetic preferences. Guided by your desires and our expertise, select the ideal diamond, setting, and design details that speak to your heart. Let us craft a symbol of your love that resonates with charm, elegance, and the unique journey you are about to embark on, making your proposal an unforgettable "yes, I do." 

Marquise Engagement Ring FAQs

  • The marquise cut diamond, renowned for its boat-shaped elegance, boasts an elongated shape with pointed ends, maximising carat weight for a strikingly large appearance. Its unique design is celebrated for enhancing the diamond's brilliance and creating a slender, graceful look on the finger, making it a favourite for those seeking sophistication and flair.
  • Marquise diamonds flourish within a variety of settings that accentuate their distinctive shape and maximise their sparkle. The solitaire setting allows the marquise's elegance to shine solo, while the halo setting encircles it with smaller diamonds for amplified brilliance. Additionally, a setting with side stones can complement the marquise's length, enhancing its allure and making it a statement piece of timeless beauty.
  • A marquise diamond symbolises daring elegance and sophisticated charm, reflecting the boldness of the love it is meant to represent. Chosen by those who appreciate the blend of traditional values with a flair for the dramatic, it embodies a love that is not only deep and enduring but also vibrant and filled with passion.